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"Once You've Heard, You Will Never Forget"

Marco Mendez - 'Play a Simple Melody'


"Play a Simple Melody" is a song from the 1914 musical, Watch Your Step, with words and music by Irving Berlin.  The show was the first stage musical that Berlin wrote.  It ran for 175 performances at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York City.

"Play a Simple Melody" is one of the few true examples of couterpoint in American popular music -- a melody running against a second melody, each with independent lyrics.

In the song, sometimes you will hear melody #1 by itself, other times melody #2 by itself, and then sometimes you hear both melodies together.

Very clever Mr. Berlin!

NEXT GROUP PROJECT!  (like "Air on a G String" and "Back to the Future")

Requirements: - Must be able to make a video of you playing, and record an audio file at the same time on your instrument.  And then upload both files to a Dropbox folder!

Looking for volunteers - Registration fee is $50.00

Limited to the 1st 40 volunteers!

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