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Digital Classroom

Every Monday at 1 PM Eastern or 10 AM Pacific, Marco will be hosting an online class.  Attendance is free to everyone.

CLICK THIS LINK - Passcode 1234

to join the class.  You can test this link to the Zoom website at any time prior to the meeting, and be sure to enter the Meeting Passcode of 1234 when prompted.

After April, 2020, the monthly fee for materials will be $50 / month.

Each one of the songs listed below is linked to it's companion song file where Marco plays the song in it's entirety. Click the link to play.

Download the video to your device if you wish.  Clicking on the video should bring up a 3-dot icon to display the 'Download' feature.  A 'Playback speed' option should also be available there as well.


June Songs -

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May Songs -

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-168 Lamento Borincano- 5/1
-169 Dancing Queen- 5/8
-170 Bridge Over Troubled Water- 5/15
-171 The Greatest American Hero- 5/24
-172 Teach Your Children- 5/22
-173 Lady Of Spain- 5/29

April Songs -

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-163 The Longest Time- 4/3
-164 The Exodus Song- 4/10
-165 There's A Kind Of Hush- 4/17
-166 Classical Gas - Advanced- 4/19
-167 A Whole New World- 4/24

March Songs -

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-158 Always On My Mind- 3/6
-159 La Bella Cubana- 3/13
-160 La Bella Cubana - Advanced- 3/15
-161 The Final Countdown- 3/20
-162 Bonaparte's Retreat- 3/27

February Songs -

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-153 Only Time- 2/6
-154 Norwegian Wood- 2/13
-155 Brazil - Advanced- 2/15
-156 Amapola- 2/20
-157 Come Back To Sorrento- 2/27

January Songs -

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-147 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy- 1/2
-148 Blue Tango- 1/9
-149 Dominique- 1/16
-150 I'll Never Find Another You- 1/23
-151 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - Advanced- 1/25
-152 Islands In The Stream- 1/30

2020 Songs - - 2021 Songs - - 2022 Songs

For printing or viewing here are two PDF lists of all of the songs Marco has covered since April 2020.  You can download the PDF here


Tips and Techniques

This 'Digital Classroom' page contains the monthly lessons provided by Marco Mendez for the Lowrey & Roland organs, as well as the Yamaha Genos, Tyros & Clavinova keyboards.  They will be listed by Month in the order they were released.

After April, 2020 the monthly folders are fee-based and available to subscribing members only.

Click the appropriate 'Order Now' link for each month's songs.

Because of the amount of songs, each year has it's own link at the bottom of the screen.

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