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roland at900
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Marco Mendez
Understanding Your Lowrey Organ

This seminar is for Lowrey Organ owners: Lowrey A Series Organs and Lowrey E Series Organs.

This is more of a product specific "button pushing" seminar than a music or music theory seminar for Lowrey products only.  Please do not pay for and attend this seminar if you do not own a Lowrey A Series or a Lowrey E Series organ.

You will learn:

1. Harmony
2. Editing Voices
3. Editing Styles
4. Foot Switches
5. Golden Harp
6. Keyboard Split
7. Microphone Input
8. Custom Buttons
9. Banks A, B, C, D & E
10. Registration Bundle

Included in this 1 hour and 30 minute seminar is a Registration Bundle with 10 Registration Banks.

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Tips and Techniques

Marco's first audition at the Curtis Institute of Music won him the only slot, and at 12 years old, he was now among the youngest students to enter this world-renowned conservatory.