Marco Mendez - Tips and Techniques

How Using Links to the Song Will Help You


The song videos are a great way to help you in a number of ways.

How does Marco play the song:

Perhaps you have the song loaded into your instrument and you don't know the meaning of a term like 'Chromatic' or 'Detache' or 'Rubato' or 'Legato' and would like to see an example of it.

Maybe you don't remember if the song was played regular time or cut time.

Maybe the song is not familiar to you and you need to hear it first.

Watching the video shows how it is done.

How Do I Play that Chord?

How do I play a Gm7(b5)  In the song 'Desafinado', measure #17 asks you to play this chord.  If you pause the video at this measure, you can see Marco's fingering demonstrate it for you.

Watch His Left Hand

Because the purpose of this site is to help you Sound Like a Pro, the song video can give you insights that help in this way.

Back in the 60's, before rhythms were built into the instrument, to play a latin beat you would have to play pedal chord chord pedal chord pedal chord to achieve this.  Watch Marco play Quando Quando Quando and notice his left hand doing exactly that.  Instead of just holding down the chord, his left hand is very busy creating that Latin beat.

Marco is here for you 24/7

Now that there are links to every song listed in the Digital Classroom page, it is a good idea to have your phone or tablet handy when you play.

If you have any question at all about the song, clicking the link to that song should answer any question you may have.

Marco is there for you 24/7, just a click away.