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IIm - V7 Intro with See-Saw


Instead of using a preset Introduction, you can create your own intro by playing keys in a see-saw motion.

How to create the Intro:

To play an intro that uses this style, play chords IIm and V7 anywhere you feel like it in the See-Saw.  Using the Key of C as an example, just start with the Dm chord and end on the G7 chord.

In other words, using Dm (IIm) as the start of your descent of the see-saw, you would play until you reach the G7 (V7)

The attached

PDF chart, shows the sequence of notes in any Key, which can make anyone sound like a professional when creating your own introductions.

This video link

demonstrates the technique, which can make anyone sound like a professional.

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How to use the See-Saw sequence to play your own introduction without using a built-in intro from your keyboard.