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Adding a Wave File


Instructions on how to add a wave file to your arrangement when it is provided for you in the song file.

How to add the 'Scratchy Record' sound to the arrangement:

When Marco provides an arrangement that includes a sound file of any kind, here is the way to include it when playig the song.

With the song, "We'll Meet Again", there is a wave file named, "Scratchy Record.wa".  When you load the song into a Lowrey product, you would first hit the purple 'Audio' button which is the furthest purple button at the bottom right of the panel.  If you look at your screen, you will now see the 'Scratchy Record' in the screen.

When you are ready to start playing, you would then hit the blue 'Play' button located to the right of the Audio button.

When you get to the 2nd registration, you would hit the 'Stop' button to end it.

The procedure is different for different organs.  View the video or message Marco for instructions on your particular machine.

(This procedure pertains to ANY song that contains a separate sound file.)

This video link demonstrates the technique, which can make anyone sound like a professional.

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