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Making Your Own Arrangements


Sometimes the organ styles that are preloaded into your machine aren't quite right.  Marco explains how to make your own arrangements.

How to select the perfect sounds for your arrangements:

When Marco makes an arrangement for a particular song, he selects specific sounds that go well with that song.

When making your own arrangements, first go onto and search for the song you wish to emulate.  Listen to that song to see what instruments are used.  Ask yourself, what does the performer do, what sounds does he use, what is the seating arrangement of the orchestra.  Which instrument(s) is in the front row and which is in the back.  That is, which seems to be prominent, and which is not.

Next, once you know which sounds you wish to use, then learn how to navigate your machine.  Learn how to move sounds around.

This  class video  explains the process.  As with any video, we suggest you download it to your computer.  While viewing that video, Marco refers to  another video  that explains the seating arrangement of the band.  We suggest that you save this video to your computer as well for reference later.

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques from Marco Mendez.

How to select the perfect sounds for your arrangements and learning to navigate your machine.