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There is a way to use the math of music to figure out how to play chords with the right hand using the correct fingering, and be able to play the notes in succession properly.

To demonstrate this technique, you can first bring up May 16th's song that Marco discussed called "Take Me Home, Country Roads".  On page 5, using registration #7 we use a Steel Guitar.  To emulate this instrument, it is important to be able to play the notes in proper sequence.

The first chord beginning on measure 97 is a G chord.  You will see the notes B, G, D which makes up the G chord.  Then you see the notes A, F#, D which makes up the D chord.  Then the notes B, G, E which makes up the Em chord, and finally the notes C, G, E which makes up the C chord.

The hitch is to be able use the proper fingering, and to be able to hold the notes as represented in the sheet music, but mainly the purpose of this lesson is to understand the notes that make up the various chords.

We are used to playing chords with the left hand, but perhaps not on the right hand.  This song allows us the opportunity to practice playing chords with the right hand.

If you have not already purchased this song, it is part of the May, 2022 series of lessons and is available for purchase on the 'Digital Classroom' page.  There is a link to the song as played by Marco so you can see this in action.

Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques from Marco Mendez.

How to use the math of music to figure out proper fingering when playing the right hand chords in succession.