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AR Pianist App for ioS or Android


Marco spoke about a phone app that can place a virtual pianist on your screen.  You can see and rotate, pause, change speed, and play along in 3D.


Variable speed adjustment, on-screen sheet music with the ability to loop custom sections, a practice song mode, the option to listen to just one hand and mute the other by tapping on one, and you can tap on the keyboard itself.

From the Software Developer

AR Pianist is the new way to discover and learn to play piano music. Immerse yourself in interactive augmented reality piano concerts from the comfort of your living room.

AR Pianist uses machine learning to superimpose a virtual pianist on your piano. Featuring songs performed by award winning pianists. Learn to play musical pieces with interactive sheet music and slow the song down up to 100 times and watch the incredible techniques and hand motion of virtuoso pianists.

With Midi keyboard, the app will give you realtime feedback on your playing. The virtual pianist will guide you on the exact fingering technique required to perform the song.

See it in action at:

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Tips and Techniques from Marco Mendez.

How to use the Black Keys to play your own introduction without using a built-in intro from your keyboard.