Zoom Digital Program

Digital Classroom

Due to the current health crisis, Marco wants to share his teaching abilties with everyone without the need to leave your home, and the meetings are FREE!

Every Monday at 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific, Marco will be hosting an online class for free. Follow THIS LINK to join the class. You can test this link to the Zoom website at any time prior to the meeting.

Once you purchase the current month's songs and have BOOKMARKED that page, you can DOWNLOAD Marco's songs at any time prior to the meeting by returning to the BOOKMARKED PAGE. Download the files from the Dropbox folder most appropriate for your instrument. Then place the registration and song files for your instrument onto a USB stick in order to use those files in your instrument. (Lowrey Owners be sure the Lowrey files are in the "Lowrey" folder of your USB stick)

See you there! Be sure to have a pencil and notepad handy, and have a printout of the song's PDF available.

Instruments currently supported by Marco (as of April, 2020)