Marco Mendez - Tips and Techniques

Using the Banks on a Lowrey Organ


Pre-loading songs on the banks.

For Lowrey Big Window Owners only:

Thanks to Gail Sunray for this great question!  If you own a Lowrey organ with a big window, you don't have to finish a song, then load the next song from a USB.  It is possible to load more than one song from a USB at a time.  This is done by loading them into the various 5 banks.

To accomplish this, you would first load the USB stick into its slot.  From the screen, select the first song you wish to play by hitting "Load Setups" and select a song.  Since all of Marco's songs default to the "A" bank, after you load it, hit "A", and then "A" again.  The first song is now loaded into the "A" Bank and is ready to play.

To load a second song,  hit "Load Setups" a second time, and then hit "A", and then "B" to load it to the "B" bank.  For a third song, follow the same procedure with the exception that you would hit "A" and then "C" to load it to the "C" bank.  You can do this up to twice more if your organ has a total of 5 banks.

Be careful when loading the song not to hit the "All" button.  Just go to "A" first and then the particular Bank you want the song loaded to.

You can now hit the different Banks to verify that each Bank has a different set of sounds and possibly tempos.

The song styles don't have to gel.  It is suggested that you wait a few seconds after completing a song before selecting the next Bank to play the next song.

This can make it a lot easier to play consecutive songs without having to stop and load the next song from a USB, and can help make anyone sound like a professional.